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OnCue lets you easy manage, plan and play out any sound on a given event. Sports & event soundboard dj media player APP.

User friendly

Easy to operate and easy to understand is key for us.

Lightning fast

Our first and most important demand to our coders is that it has 0 latency


Native for reliable and stable delivery. Always

Big Up Your Event!

Heighten the quality of all venues ability to manage their audio sound content, everything from theaters, pubs, supermarkets to event and sports ...

Create your On Cue audio library.

Transfer or download audio/sound files to your device before this step. As for now you can only use locally stored audiofiles. No stream/online files (All your selected files will be copied into the on cue app)

Create playlists for your event.

Select sounds from your library and add to playlists. Load playlist to top left player.

Drag n drop audio to hotkeys.

Drag n drop sounds from library or a playlist to any hotkey/soundpad cart on the right side. Press and hold hotkey for option menu.

Control your audio...

Fill your device with the sounds and songs you need. Download the app and fire it up. Start by playing around. Now you are on the way to BIG UP your event. More Options and functions are always in development..

Event audio player APP

Sports sounds player APP

Pub quiz player APP

Store media player APP

Stage moderator player APP

Church audio player APP

Music and sounds can have a huge impact on the success of an event.
They can set the mood for the event, create a certain atmosphere and also influence the behaviour of the audience.
Music can also have a significant effect on players’ performance, both physically and mentally.
It can boost their confidence, help them focus and reduce stress levels. READ MORE…


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Frequently asked questions

Heres some .

Do you have apps for iPhone and Android?

Yes. OnCue only works as a app for IOS. Works on iphone but is optimized for Ipads. Find it on appstore . Android/ Google play in development.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

This we like to get a mail from you on.

What support is included?

It depends on wich plan you payed for.

Where do I find sound files?

You can only use local files. So you need to have sound files.(mp3. wav....) We can provide a content service. Amazon music sells mp3 files

Our legaue / federation / chain need this.

Great. We can provide a full curated service for you. Including ipads, scheduling and content delivery. Get in touch!

Why cant I do this and that!

Our user are more than welcome to send us feedback on ideas. Drop us a message.