We supply sounds!

We collaboratively administrate empowered sport & events through existing and new channels. We can maximize the event experience with audio presentations. Effects, voice over, line-up, ads. For your event, store, club, legaue, federation.


Ready to go audio effects and sound clips for sport and events.


Pro Voices in different languages.


Ready to go OnCue audio setup´s for your sport games or event.


One off or entire event/season

If and when you need sounds or voice over for your event.

The human element

What's our mission? Great people.

With our experience from sport and event we know that the dedicated people "behind the scenes" wants the best for their playing team and event. We work with the best to give you the best tools and sounds.

We provide and produce audio and sounds!

Beats, effects and beds

Give the event the beat it deserves. Beds for the live-PA to speak over. Effectclips for different situations.


Audio commercials during a game/event will give your team/league revenue.

Voice over

Big Up your game / event with a powerfull voice over. Line up´s, announcements..


We deliver mastered and ready to go files in all formats.


The right sound helps create a mood, evoke emotions and even make the viewers feel as if they are one with the game/event.


Togheter we inspire each other and this will take your game/event experience to a pro level.

Pro voices and pro sounds for your event!

Ready to take your event to the next level?